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The Eldred World War II Museum
Canada entered into World War II soon after Germany attacked Poland in early September 1939.  Over one
million Canadians would go on to serve in World War II.

Canada's first military action in World War II was the unsuccessful defense of Hong Kong against the Japanese
in late 1941.   Canadians also took part in the raid of the French port of Dieppe in the summer of 1942.  
Canadians forces captured their objective of Juno Beach during the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944.  

Canada provided the Allies with valuable training locations and production capabilities.  Over 45,000 Canadian
women served in Canadian Women's Army Corps, Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division and the Royal
Canadian Naval Women's Service.

By the time the war had ended, Canadian forces had seen action in the Pacif
ic, Western Europe and Italy.
Affiliation: Allies
Entered the War: September 10, 1939
Killed in Action: 42,000
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