Preserving the History of World War II
The Eldred WWII Museum cordially invites you to participate in a WWII Memory
Campaign by submitting a story about a World War II experience. You may recount a
personal memory, a family story or interview an eyewitness to the war. The
museum hopes to document the war era through the personal stories of the
veterans who fought overseas and the Americans who supported the war effort on
the home front. The Museum has the best documented collection of the war era
through the personal stories of the war. Selected stories will be posted on the
Museum's web page.

World War II was a terrible struggle, the worst, undoubtedly, that the world has
ever seen reaching into the lives of every living person in every part of the world.
The war demanded sacrifices that cut deeply into our human emotions and ways of
life. Yet, there was never a serious doubt about the very freedom that we were
fighting for, or whether the ultimate victory achieved over that evil tyranny was
worth the price.

The United States put nearly 16 million people into military uniforms during World
War II. All those millions of men and women had to be clothed, fed, trained,
provided equipment, weapons, munitions and supplies. The phenomenal wartime
production achievement by the home front reflects the will and spirit of a proud,
freedom-loving American people who gave the United States the ability to
out-produce the world and to win the war.

World War II veterans are dying at an alarming rate. It won't be long before their
stories are lost to us forever. Please join us in our efforts to preserve the personal
accounts of the war.
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WWII Memories Campaign
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