Preserving the History of World War II
The Eldred World War II Museum is interested in items from all theaters  of war, the American Home Front, and other
nations, Allied or Axis, given that they fulfill our mission in preserving the history of World War II.

Items from other conflicts, modern military equipment, newspapers, items too large for storage or display
capabilities, items in poor condition, infested items, potentially hazardous items such as live ammunition or
unexploded ordnance, duplicate items, and any other items that do not fulfill the Museum’s mission are not to be
accepted. Decisions on acceptance are to be made by the Curator.

All artifacts must be reviewed by the curator prior to their acceptance into the collection. If a potential donor
wishes to ship items to the Museum via mail, they must send a completed Donor Form, description, or photographs
for review prior to sending the items. Items will be returned to the donor if they were sent to the Museum and are
not accepted. Artifacts are accepted as unrestricted gifts only and will not be accepted if the owner wishes to place
specific conditions upon their donation (i.e. display guarantees, terms of loan, etc.). The objects accepted become
property of the Eldred World War II Museum. The donor must fully understand Museum policies prior to donation. By
signing the Gift Agreement, the donor agrees to these policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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