Eldred WWII Museum & Learning Center
201 Main Street
Eldred, PA 16731
Eldred is 80 miles south of Buffalo, NY
The Eldred World War II Museum
Preserving the History of World War II
The Eldred WWII Museum offers a variety of educational
opportunities to schools, organizations, families and individuals.  

Access to all of the educational services of the Museum are free of
charge to schools.  We do not charge admission fees for educational
visits to the Museum or for Staff member’s participation in events
outside of the Museum.

Students and faculty visit the Museum for tours covering various
aspects of WWII.  Tours have been developed in cooperation with
faculty to address specific areas of study such as the Holocaust,
Women’s roles, Veterans Day and the Navajo Code Talkers.  For a
specialized educational tour, please contact the Museum staff.

Museum Staff members have spoken to History Classes and
Assemblies at Elementary and High Schools as well as speaking at
both St. Bonaventure University and the University of Pittsburgh at
Bradford.  Artifacts are generally brought along on these visits to
enhance the presentations.  This is also a way that the Museum
reaches out to schools which are unable to bring students to the
Museum because of funding issues.

Education also takes place in special events at locations throughout
PA, NY, and OH.  Following is a partial list of events that the
Museum Staff have been the presenters or featured speakers.  
Educational Conferences, American Homecoming Weekend,
American Legion Convention and Special Meetings, VFW Special
Meetings, Pearl Harbor Day Services, Armed Forces Day, Veterans
Recognition, Veterans Day, 9/11 Event, Nursing Home Programs,
Historical Society Programs, Rotary, and Lions Clubs.  Please
contact the Museum if you would like the Museum to participate in an
event that you are planning.

The Museum’s Library, Veterans Statements, Periodicals and Videos
are resources available for research on WWII.  In addition to the
research that is done by visiting the Museum, the Museum’s Website
www.eldredwwiimuseum.net  and Facebook page are places where
persons find information and can be in contact with the Museum
Staff to ask questions.
The Eldred World War II Museum
Preserving the History of World War II
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