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The Eldred World War II Museum
Although Germany didn't official enter World War II until the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939,
the Nazi Party had been flexing its' military might throughout Europe since German forces entered the
Rhineland in the spring of 1936.  

Germany had allied itself with Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan in the late 1930s under the Tripartite
Pact.  After sweeping through Poland, France and the low countries of Europe, Germany prepared for
an invasion of Great Britain.  However, there attempt to establish aerial superiority was thwarted by
the British Royal Air Force and plans for an invasion of Britain, codenamed Operation Sea Lion, were put
on the shelf.

Hitler looked to the East and began preparations for Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet
Union.  On June 22, 1941 German forces smashed through the Soviet Union border.  After initial
success, the German advance ground to a halt with the onset of winter.  By 1943, German resources and
manpower were beginning to break down on the Eastern Front, culminating with the German defeat at
the Russian city of Stalingrad.  By 1944, Germany was being pushed back towards Germany by the Red
Army and eventually surrendered after the Soviet Union captured the German capital of Berlin.

From 1939 to 1945, German forces fought in Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, France,
Yugoslavia, Greece, Africa and the Soviet Union.
Affiliation: Axis
Entered the War: September 1, 1939
Killed in Action: 3,250,000
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