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The Eldred World War II Museum
The National Munitions Company was a
munitions plant based in Eldred, Pa. from
1941 to 1945. Eldred was selected as the site
for the munitions plant due to its' secluded
location, terrain that served as natural
defenses, having a local population with
experience in explosives and close proximity
to a railroad line.
The plant was originally established under British control. George Roudebush, a lawyer
from Ohio, and a Canadian General were charged with the task of finding an ideal
location in North America to produce munitions for the British fighting force, as
Britain was facing an aerial onslaught at the hands of Nazi Germany.

After Pearl Harbor, the plant began to produce munitions for the American fighting
force as well. The National Munitions Company employed 1,500, 95% of which were
women. The Town of Eldred itself had a population of roughly 850 at the time.

Some 8 million devices of munitions were produced by the National Munitions
National Munitions Company