Preserving the History of World War II
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Address: 201 Main Street P.O. Box 273 Eldred, PA 16731  |  Phone: 814-225-2220
The Eldred World War II Museum
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Due to rising costs, the Eldred World War II Museum will begin charging admission on January 1,
2008.  Admission will be $5.00 and children under 18 will be admitted free of charge.

A group tour rate of $3.00 per person is available for groups of 10 or more persons.  The bus driver
and group leader will be admitted free.  A small group fee of $25 is also available for groups of less
than 10.

Group tours can be scheduled by calling the Museum at 866-686-9944.

If you have any questions, please  feel free to contact us.
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