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Capturing History Alive Scholarship Application
The Eldred World War II Museum
It is with great pleasure that we are announcing scholarship opportunities as part of Capturing History Alive. Ten
scholarships of $400 each will be available to college and graduate students. The Eldred Museum’s Research
Committee will review applications and award scholarships accordingly.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited university, college or graduate school.

Scholarship Procedure:
1. Application can be made at any time during the year.
2. Complete the following application form and mail, fax or email to Jay Tennies
Museum Director.
3. Enclose a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your school.
4. Applicant will be notified of acceptance for the scholarship.
5. Research can be done at any time during the year.
6. Complete a minimum of twenty hours of research at the Museum in Eldred, PA.
7. Write a paper (10 page minimum) and submit a copy within 60 days of beginning the
8. Payment of the scholarship will be made upon submission of the research paper.

The Museum will provide:

1. Access to the Robert A. Anderson Library and any other resources
2. Consultation with the Director and Curator concerning the topic(s) for research
3. In addition, the staff will provide if necessary, supervision, instruction and
evaluation in a supporting learning environment.

Download printer friendly Scholarship Application if you would prefer to mail your story or fill out the form below
to send by email.
School Information
Year in College
Faculty Advisor
Advisor's Address
Advisor's City
Advisor's Zip
Advisor's Phone
(include area
Why Am I Applying (Please Be Specific)
Certification: I attest to the authenticity of the
submitted information to the best of my ability.
Your Information
Mail, fax or email to:

Jay Tennies, Director
Eldred WWII Museum & Learning Center
201 Main Street – Box 273
Eldred, Pennsylvania 16731

Phone: 814-225-2220
Fax: 814-225-4404