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Soviet Union
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The Soviet Union began the war sympathetic to Germany, as the two nations signed a Non-Aggression
Pact in August 1939.  The two countries secretly had plans to carve up Poland, with Germany seizing
western Poland and the Soviet Union claiming eastern Poland.  

After Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17,
1939.  However, relations would soon cool between the former partners, chiefly due to the
anti-communist, anti-Slavic stance of the Nazi Party.

Soviet Union Dictator Josef Stalin believed Germany would not attack the Soviet Union.  That was until
German forces rapidly advanced into Russian territory in the summer of 1941.  Soon the one-time allies
were locked in a bitter struggle that became unparalleled in its' loss of life and barbarity.  

Germany dominated the early stages of the conflict, but the tide would turn at Stalingrad.  The Soviets
decisively destroyed German forces at Stalingrad and would keep to the offensive on the Eastern Front,
fighting major battles at Leningrad, Moscow and Kursk, until the war ended with the capture of Berlin
by the Red Army in May 1945.

After the European war ended, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan and began operations against
Japan in August 1945.

By war's end, the Red Army had fought throughout the vast expanses of the Soviet Union, as well as
much of eastern and southern Europe and Japanese territory.
Affiliation: Allies
Entered the War: June 22, 1941
Killed in Action: 13,600,000*
*estimate, actual military figure unknown
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